13 July 2008



  1. ahhh, finalmente percebi! obrigada :)

  2. this is cool! I never knew this was how a sewing machine worked! By the way I ran across your blog and I totally LOVE IT.... everything is great!

  3. I can't stop looking...

  4. *stare*
    You're right, it IS hypnotizing!
    So much fun.

    And your new clutch above is justa beauty, let's see what will follow...

  5. I am just facinated! this is so cool and now after 4o! years of sewing I understand what is going on under the throatplate. I too ran across your blog (Gingerblossom fabric) and think I'll put you on my side bar. Love your stuff!

  6. How cool! Just found your link from a friend's blog and love it. :)

  7. Hello,
    I'm a reader off your blog. And i really love it. I've started a blog also this week , i love sewing, baking, making stuff for my home, and i wana put that sort off things on my blog. So i was looking again on your blog and i found under the label sewing this film off a sewing machine. I love it becource thats sewing. I want to ask if i can also put this on my blog. I hope to hear from you. And the foto's of Marakech are really inspiering thank you for that.
    With love raffie from Holland

  8. Hi Raffie,

    Of course you can post this on your blog! :)

    Best wishes from Portugal,


  9. hai Constança, But how can i do it i can't find it on the internet. Can you sent it to me in an e-mail?
    Or is there another way?
    greats Raffie

  10. What I did was right-click the image and save it to my computer. Then I uploaded it just like a normal photo and it worked!

  11. Incrível que ontem antes de dormir estava precisamente a pensar nisto :)


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