11 January 2007

Objects of desire I

The loveliest shop: Labour and Wait (18 Cheshire St, London).
The objects I want:I've looked all over Lisbon searching for a milk pan just like this one in order to make hot cocoa... (I'm a big fan of enamel).
This bread box which is exactly the same as my grandmother's (an original box from the 50's).

And what about this ostrich feather duster? Quite luxurious!


  1. Passei por aqui, gostei e linkei o seu blog !

  2. Tão caseirinha, tão doméstica…


  3. Obrigada, Vera! Agora fiquei curiosa em relação ao seu blog... qual é o endereço?

    Pois é, Mafalda... chama-se noivado! ;)


Thanks for your comment; do come again soon!

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