14 October 2007

Presente de casamento / Wedding present

Obrigada, Mafalda e Bernardo, por me terem dado o presente de casamento mais original, único, especial e útil que eu poderia desejar. Oh sim: uma caixa de costura finlandesa dos anos 50 é tudo isso e muito mais!!
Thank you so much, Mafalda and Bernardo, for the most original, unique, special and useful wedding present: a 1950's finnish sewing box is much more that I could possibly wish for!


  1. What a lovely sewing box, so handy with all the clever compartements for thread, buttons, needles and everything else one might possibly need while sewing.

  2. Oh dear, It´s an another Mia here commenting ;)

    Just a lovely gift! I would love to have one myself!



  3. Such a lovely box! I got a miniature of this from my grandmother when I was 7 or 8!


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