12 May 2008

The dark side of crafting

"Festival Sintra em Flor": sol, flores, música, alegria, passarinhos a cantar -- era tudo isto que queríamos. Mas a minha mãe sempre disse que não se pode ter tudo o que se quer... e desta vez tinha razão. O dia foi difícil: esteve um frio húmido, apimentado por rajadas de vento que não só deitaram ao chão troncos de árvores (!), como o nosso moral. E a cereja em cima do bolo: no regresso, o nosso carro avariou na auto-estrada! Uhhuuu!!


"Sintra in Bloom Festival": sun, flowers, music, joy, little birds singing -- this was everything we wanted. But my mum always said that you can't have everything you want... and this time she was right. It was a hard day: it was cold and humid and the wind gusts brought down not only tree branches (!), but also our moral. And the cherry on top of the cake: on the way back, our car broke down on the motorway! Uhhuuu!!


  1. Lo siento mucho. Tu stand tenía un aspecto estupendo.

  2. Hope you managed to sell enough to make it worth while. Came across your blog via Flickr - you make beautiful things!

  3. Your display looked beautiful. If I had walked by, I definitely would have stopped & looked (& bought!!) for quite a while. Good for you for putting up with the weather and such :o) Have a good weekend!

  4. Para a próxima, concerteza que vai correr muito melhor. Estava tudo com um ar fantástico!

  5. So sorry!
    But thats life, no?
    i sell my things in my own shop but every day, I have lots of problems, so Iam trying to be happy now, not when my problems were ok.

  6. Mas que grande injustiça! Estava tudo tão bonito e tão arranjadinho… Maldito tempo!


  7. Aww, and I was thinking about you as I was making my own things today for next Sunday's market. It happens, some days are just like that. Your items are still beautiful!

  8. What a shame! I hope it doesn't dampen your enthusiasm. There'll be better markets to come.

  9. Espero que tenhas mais sorte para a próxima vez. O teu stand estava muito bonito :)

  10. E estava tudo tão bonito.


  11. Sorry to hear that your day was´t that great :( But your things look beautiful, they will sell elsewhere in no time!

    Happy summertime(almost here in Finland at last)!



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