22 February 2009

The pictures that didn't make it

photos by Adrian Briscoe, courtesy of IKEA Family Live

Aqui estão algumas fotografias que foram tiradas para a reportagem mas que não chegaram a ser publicadas; pensei que talvez gostassem de as ver. Ao revê-las, lembrei-me de que tenho um tecido (novo) do IKEA que transformei em toalha de mesa e que não uso... alguém o quer? Se houver mais do que um interessado, segunda-feira à noite farei um pequeno sorteio.
Here are some photos that were taken for the magazine article but never got published; I thought that you might like to see them. Which reminds me that I have a piece of (new) IKEA fabric that I turned into a tablecloth but do not use... does anyone want it? If there's more than one interested, I'll draw a name on Monday evening.


  1. Hello Constanca!
    What a lovely, fantasticly, colourful and inspiring blog you have! With so nice bags and creations and great pictures! I´m very happy I found it through the Ikea family magazine.

    It feels quite cool to sit at my boyfriends place in Älmhult in Sweden (actually the heart of Ikea:-)) and find that super-inspiring article about you in the magazine and then be able to look more at your blog.
    Again, your style is just totally inspiring to me!
    I hope its ok if your blog ends up among the "favourites" on my blog?
    /Linda :-)

  2. I see that there are more Swedes than me reading your blog! :)

    I love your dress in these pictures, did you make it yourself?

  3. I like the fabric from IKEA! Next week i'm going to IKEA to buy some.
    I want to make clothes for my daughter.
    I have Portugees family who comes from St. Marthino do Porto. A beautiful place at the sea.

  4. i am reading ikea family just now ! ^^ bravo the pictures are very beautiful. i love your work !
    c'est trop cool de paraitre dans le ikéa family de cette si jolie façon !

  5. Eu quero!!!

    É giro e pode ter outras aplicações sem ser a de toalha de mesa.

    Ana (Faro)

  6. Eu também quero!!



  7. Eu também quero!!


  8. Eu também quero, claro!
    O meu organizador de carteiras tem dado muito jeito :)

  9. Hello, I loved your home in the ikea family! Nice that you have a blog so we can follow you more :) You've a very inspiring house and create beautiful things, its really lovely!
    With love,

  10. Claro que também quero! Aqui na Irlanda nao tem IKEA, que tristeza! E eu adoro árvores!

  11. Oh, I love this fabric since I saw it in your pics!

    Long time that I've not been to Ikea, and didn't know it... And quess what?! My daughter is called Sara Liisa!!

    Thank you again for sharing your lovely home with us!

  12. Simmm eu quero, não temos Ikea no Brasil. As fotos estão muito bacanas, como sempre, e o teu blog é muito bom de ver e ler!beijos

  13. eu ..queroooooo!!
    as fotos ficaram lindas, as que entraram no catalogo, que por sinal ainda não recebi:(( e as outras tambem, lindas!!
    um beijo

  14. haha, I just visited your blog for the first time, and thought - "What! I have seen this before - who has been stealing from whom!.." Then I realized it was from the Ikea magazine and it was your home. :) Your home is really wonderful, thank you for sharing!

    And if you feel like sending the fabric all the way to Sweden, I would be really happy!

    Have a great week!

  15. Olá!
    Eu também quero, heheh!
    Beijinho e continuação do excelente trabalho, extremamente inspirador!

  16. Hehehe... quem não quer??? Quem não quiser que levante o dedo... olha que o meu está bem escondidinho atrás das costas e dentro do bolso :)

    Beijinhos... adoro o teu blog!!! É uma verdadeira inspiração...

  17. Oh que pena... já não cheguei a tempo do sorteio :(

  18. Hi! I've just seen your home in the Ikea Family! I love your work space: it's so tidy and inspiring!
    I add your link in my blog!

  19. Ciao - Olà !
    I found you blog in the italian Ikea Family Journal. Our home is very cosy and lightful !
    Your creations are VERY nice and so inspiring !!!
    I will visit you again !

    Best regards from Italy!


  20. I found your service on ikea family of which I am a huge fan ... I like very much your creations and I hope one day to become good like you ... I just st arted ... complimenti alessandra


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