06 March 2009

Me @ Design*Sponge

A minha casa está no Design*Sponge! Woohoo!! Obrigada, Grace!
My flat was featured in Design*Sponge! Woohoo!! Thank you so much, Grace!


  1. Congratulations!

    We just can't get enought ;-)

    best regards, maaria

  2. So cool! Seems as you will be featured all over the place!

  3. I come to your blog because I like the way you write portuguese and you make me long for Portugal - but please, your whole house decorated with IKEA bad quality/ flimsy stuff is bad taste to say the least.

  4. congratulations! so nice to see you getting so much attention for your fabulous house makeover.

  5. Peço ao autor deste blogue assim como aos seus leitores que participem neste projecto: http://portaria-59.blogspot.com/...e- portugal.html
    cumprimentos a todos.

  6. Your Home is beautiful and always inspiring to look at!

  7. Ciao Chonca,
    I have discovered your beautiful blog through the post on Design Sponge, and I think your house is great, full of colour and also it seems to me that reflects perfectly your personality....
    Good job, I will visit your blog again soon


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