12 November 2010

Flora Domestica

Estou a ler o excelente Flora Domestica: A History of Flower Arranging, 1500-1930 (podem ouvir aqui um segmento do Woman's Hour sobre o assunto) e fiquei surpreendida por verificar que o meu género preferido de arranjos é característico do século XVIII! 

I'm reading the excellent Flora Domestica: A History of Flower Arranging, 1500-1930 (you can listen to a Woman's Hour excerpt on the subject here) and I was surprised to find out that my favourite type of arrangements was very fashionable in the 18th century!

(images: Andreas von Einsiedel)


  1. so very you!!!! :) lovely arrangements!!! :) hugs in this... st martin day :) feliz dia de s martinho!

  2. Beautiful! I thought at first glimpse these were your arrangements - they are very much your style!

  3. Some things will always be lovely, may the centuries pass. And, together like that, "Flora domestica" seem to me really beautiful words!


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