14 May 2008

My life in 14 lines

(Clicar em cima da imagem para ler a história da minha vida.)
Isto é uma base para copos que a minha amiga Mafalda me enviou de Londres e que uso para pousar o copo do leite com chocolate do pequeno-almoço.
(Click on image to read the story of my life.)
This is a coaster my friend Mafalda sent me from London; I use it every morming to rest the glass of chocolate milk I have for breakfast.


  1. Ha, yes, very cute. I share your love for morning chocolate milk :-)

  2. One needs (yes, NEEDS) a bit of chocolate to get the day going. I find a few pieces with my cup of tea does wonders!

    I love the coaster, don't deny your guilty pleasure!



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