09 August 2009

Oh Summer!


(image: My Vintage Vogue)


  1. oh beautiful!
    you said on an earlier post that you have been sewing the last three years - is that when you began? my, what progress you have made in such a short time! i have been sewing since i was 12, and i applaud your creative efforts
    what brought you to sewing and creating purses?

  2. Hi Lady P!

    I've always been crafty, but when I was a little girl paper was my medium.

    I began sewing because I discovered sewing blogs! :) My mum has always sewn, so I decided trying her sewing machine and just loved it!

  3. Oh!
    Adoro esta imagem. Adoro.Adoro.Adoro.
    a magia do bâton vermelho. :D


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