29 April 2010

Nearly Done

Walter-Dendy Sadler, Nearly Done
Aquatint, 1898
Stapleton Collection

Tenho um penchant por cenas domésticas. O catálogo da exposição do V&A está cheio de reproduções de quadros em que aparecem quilts, e este é um dos meus preferidos. Gosto de ver as duas gerações unidas pelo mesmo propósito, os retalhos espalhados pelo chão, as cores muito femininas e, claro, o quilt em si. É óbvio que há muitos mais significados escondidos mas, idealizações morais à parte, o ambiente é de comunhão e de paz. E isso é bom.

I have a penchant for domestic scenes. The catalogue from the V&A exhibition is filled with reproductions of paintings where one can spot a quilt or two, and this picture is one of my favourites. I like seeing the two generations united by the same purpose, the scraps on the floor, the feminine colours and, of course, the quilt. There's obviously much more meaning hidden behind it but, putting aside moral idealisations, there's a general feeling of communion and peace. And that's a good thing.


  1. your blog is very nice, beautiful pictures and works!

  2. You are so insightful. I enjoy your posts so much. I cannot wait to read what you have to share with us next.
    This time you have opened up a new artist for me to investigate. Thank you. This painting is now my new favorite.
    By, the way, has the volcanic cloud now passed by and is your air in England clear and fresh?!

  3. Hi Mary Ann!

    His work is great - one can really see how late Victorians used to live.

    The air is clear now but very rainy!...

    Have a nice weekend!



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