06 September 2012

Novos Usos :: Repurposing

"The 'toast rack' is a peculiarly English object. My father, who lives in America and has become somewhat American in his tastes and habits, calls it a 'toast cooler' and claims that its sole function is to ensure that one's toast gets stone cold as quickly as possible. English supporters of the toast rack would argue that it keeps toast dry and crisp, that separating the slices of toast and standing them upright stops them becoming soggy, which is what happens to American toast, served piled up hugger-mugger in a humid, perspiring stack on the plate, sometimes even wrapped in a napkin to retain yet more moisture. The English would rather have their toast cool and dry than warm and damp. American toast lacks reserve and dignity: it is too sweaty and indiscreet and emotional."

Apesar de eu comer torradas duas vezes por dia, nunca me passaria pela cabeça usar um "arrefecedor de torradas". No entanto, são objectos engraçados que estão sempre a aparecer em feiras de velharias. Há uns tempos comprei um branco, de loiça, e uso-o para guardar envelopes e cartões de agradecimento.
(por sinal, o livro que refiro é hilariante e extremamente informativo)

Even though I eat toast twice a day, I have no use for a toast rack. However, they are eye-catching objects that regularly come up for sale at antique fairs and flea markets. A while ago I bought a white porcelain one, very pretty, and use it to sort my thank-you cards and envelopes. 
(that book is hilarious and extremely informative, by the way)

(photos: Constança Cabral)


  1. I have that book! It's fabulous, isn't it??? I found myself really analysing my behaviour after I read it - to see just how English I was being!
    What a brilliant (and very cute) use for a toast rack!!!

  2. Ola:) Eu sou uma dentista do Porto a trabalhar em Stoke on Trent,ainda há pouco tempo passei por Burton upon Trent e lembrei-me logo: " aqui mora a Saídos da Concha" Mal vi este livro imediatamente tivo que o mandar vir do Amazon :) Pelo menos a mania de falar do tempo é muito verdade e também se compreende :) Um beijinho grande, parabéns pelo seu projecto e ao seu bébe que é um doce :)

  3. When I visited England a few years ago for the first time I found that I have to bring two things home. First one was a teapot made of stainless steel, second was a toast rack. I still use both things, they are unbreakable...


  4. Hey Concha,

    I wanted to read that book ages ago, but forgot about it. Thank you for reminding me! Your toast rack looks cute, maybe I need one, too...


  5. Prefiro este novo uso do arrefecedor de torradas porque gosto delas bem quentinhas!


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